Thanks for the great year, readers

WordPress stats just in for the year showed that this blog was viewed about 33,000 times in 2015. The busiest day of the year was November 9th with 466 views. We have 399 people signed up to get daily bulletins, not counting people that don’t subscribe but stop by regularly. In March, we will pass the 9 year mark of publishing this blog.

For a small very regional blog on a specific topic like ours, I’m thrilled we have this many regular viewers, and appreciate that you come back.

We’ve had an amazing year in environmental issues. Some of the big ones have been:

  • The Drought.
  • 2015 was globally the warmest year in recorded modern history.
  • Starfish wasting disease identified.
  • Navy planning on taking over the west end for daily military sortees.
  • Incredible support for the issue of climate change globally.
  • Black Point Resort planning back underway.
  • Protests over the oil drilling platform in Port Angeles.
  • Copper free brakes finally a reality.
  • Lots of restoration funding came through for projects that have impacts on Jefferson and Mason Counties.
  • The Navy is taking over and radically changing Ediz Hook in PA.
  • Victoria still doesn’t have its shit together (literally). No real progress towards a better sewage treatment plant.
  • The Elwha continues it’s recovery.
  • The end of the Harper Era in Canada means more funding towards environmental protection of the Strait, and likely better tanker protection.
  • Stormwater finally recognized as one of the top problems facing the Salish Sea. Science finally convinces lawmakers.
  • Oil transport port at Gray’s Harbor announced and Quinault Nation begins fighting it.
  • Port Gamble cleanup begins.
  • and many more.

I wish you all the best for the new year, and would love anyone that wants to contribute articles to step forward and send me one.

All the best.

Al B. 

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  1. Best Wishes to you in the New Year Al. Thank you for all the time you commit to keeping us informed. mike doherty

  2. Thanks for keeping us all up to date on regional issues, Al.

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