The British Guardian View On COP15

Here’s a good overview on why we should be optimistic about the outcome of the Climate Summit last week. Believe me, it is easy to be cynical about the lack of enforcement built into this agreement. But here’s a good short overview from one of my most trusted sources for honest journalism in the world today. The people at the Guardian do not whitewash the difficult stories of today. They are of a shrinking group of newspapers left that are outside the normal advertising based model (they are funded by a trust fund from decades ago).

Globalisation has been spinning into reverse. But the Paris talks illustrate the potential of determined diplomacy between jealously sovereign states…

…The Paris COP 21 talks surpassed expectations in rising to it, demonstrating just how much can be achieved by determined diplomacy, even while working within the unbending red lines of jealously sovereign states.

The Guardian Editorial on COP15

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