Victoria’s Royal Flush: Lack of Sewage Treatment Still Creating a Cross-Border Stink- KCTS

Victoria continues to bumble on, and continues to dump 20 million gallons of raw sewage, including deadly chemicals, into the Straits every day. They want to pretend it’s not a big deal. Their new mayor has been working hard to get this back on track, after the entire project was derailed due to broken promises to the city of Esquimalt. Remember, while dumping treated sewage of millions of people thoughout the Salish Sea into the Strait and Sound is a bad idea with no real alternative, the idea of dumping untreated sewage of over 300k people a day, is even worse. They can claim that the solution to pollution is dilution, but bragging about lagging like some I’ve heard up there, is even worse.


Coming at you. Victoria’s raw sewage. (photo KCTS).

After three decades of promises, Victoria, British Columbia, is still pumping raw sewage into shared waters and is nowhere near a treatment solution. In November, heavy rains hit Vancouver Island, and the beaches in and around Victoria, British Columbia, became health hazards. Storm water and sewage overflowed, which happens in Seattle, too. But in Victoria, it’s a more urgent situation because the metropolitan area of 340,000 citizens doesn’t treat its sewage. This is not the vision that people have of Victoria, the elegant and proper capital of British Columbia. “Most people, when they visit Victoria and they are told we don’t have sewage treatment, are shocked,” says Jim McIssac, who heads up the T Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation. Jenny Cunningham reports. (KCTS)

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