Elections 2015 – Some surprises Some not.

Off Year elections are always hard. Low voter turnout is a problem. Here’s some of the wins.

Jefferson County

  • The hotly contested Port Commissioner – Diana Talley defeated by Steve Tucker. Diana did a great job as a newcomer to the political scene but some of her supporters did not do their homework in attacking the Port.
  • Jefferson County Hospital Commissioner – Kees Kolf is now another voice for change on the Commission. A good thing.
  • Hospital Commissioner Dist. 2 – Marie Dressler trounced Paul Stafford. The Status Quo wins here.
  • Port Townsend City Council – The young and the restless win. It will be interesting to see how they do as they learn the craft of politics in a small town. Just remember, you will always make enemies when you take a position, so do it with kindness, but take it anyway. And keep an open mind, so many of us were so convinced of our positions when young, only to find out later how much we didn’t know. Some of us still don’t!

Clallam County

  • Mark Ozias trounces Jim McEntire for County Commissioner!  While this won’t change the balance of power at the Clallam County Commissioners offices, it will add a voice of reason to extreme views of the other commissioners, who are doing their best to roll back all environmental efforts of the County.

Seattle Port Commissioner

  • Fred Felleman – An outsider wins a seat at the Port, which matters because of Shell Oil wanting to use the Port as a pit stop to Alaska North Slope Oil. Fred has been laboring for years on oil spill prevention in Puget Sound. He likely will be a strong voice for environmental concerns.

Initiative 1366 – 2/3rds for Tax Hike

  • Tim Eyman’s latest attempt to hobble the State to collect new taxes is currently winning, and likely headed for the Supreme Court, where we can only hope it gets thrown out. This  initiative that played on the voter sentiment of no new taxes  and would likely  lead to more toll roads, higher ferry fees, less taxes for infrastructure and other desperate state needs, was accepted by voters in all counties but Jefferson, Thurston and King. The opponents of Eyman’s initiatives should hire better consultants to help them get their message out next time.

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  1. Port Townsend City Council will be welcoming a new generation of energetic principled young adults; Amy Smith and David Faber. Whoopee

    • Yep. I wish them well. They will have a lot to learn, but it’s usually a good thing to get younger people engaged in politics. They challenge the status quo, and that alone is usually worth a lot. The status quo, whether here or anywhere else, is always in need of challenge, or you end up like Seattle, where a mindset that is very hard to change or alter. Just look at how much positive energy Kshama Sawant has brought to the Seattle scene.

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