Steelhead snorkel study biologist wants hatchery compromise – KING NEWS

The good news here is that science is now allowing us to better understand the various issues people like John McMillan can move from solutions that are massive and widespread in scale, to more micromanaged ones, that rely more on the specific knowledge of a watershed and it’s species. Wild Fish Conservancy should seriously look at this proposal.

Rivers in Washington may soon be divided into territory for either wild steelhead or hatchery steelhead. The hatchery steelhead are stuck in legal gridlock right now, after a lawsuit filed by the Wild Fish Conservancy argued they’re bad for wild steelhead. One biologist wants a compromise, and he’s advocating for it underwater. John McMillan works for Trout Unlimited. He’s studied steelhead by snorkeling for more than 20 years across 1,500 miles of river, taking video of their behavior changes over time…. McMillan agrees with the state’s plan to map rivers, potentially separating hatchery and wild steelhead. He thinks hatchery fish serve a purpose for fishermen – but need their own territory. Alison Morrow reports. (KING)

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