Should You Install Solar Panels on Your Roof? Let Google Help You Decide. – Slate

This is an interesting application from Google to help you determine whether solar will be worth it for you.

Google’s been busy rebranding itself as a 21st-century jack-of-all-trades. On Monday, it announced a revolutionary way of finding an easy answer to one of the most difficult questions for climate-conscious homeowners: Should I install solar panels?


3 Responses

  1. Fran, sorry. I thought it would be of interest to people here on the Peninsula. It wasn’t about us particularly.

  2. the “app” is not available locally yet, but we have a 10kw system on our roof in Blyn and it works great, generating over $1,200 in savings in just 7 months of use…this year will be even better with so much “drought days”…mixed blessings

  3. I have NO idea why this was forwarded – had to watch a introductory video to learn that this is available in only three cities currently – and PT is not one of them. . .

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