Forage fish study gets state’s full backing – Kitsap Sun


Beachwatchers photo

Glad to hear that the legislature was able to fund this much needed study.

The largest study of Puget Sound’s smallest fish received full funding in the new state budget….the study will take a close look at the sound’s populations of herring, smelt, sand lance and other forage fish that serve as prey for larger predators, including salmon, sea birds and marine mammals. The final budget put $1.9 million toward the study, allowing for both a nearshore survey of spawning grounds and a trawl survey in open water to gauge the survival rate of adult forage fish. Tristan Baurick reports. (Kitsap Sun) Subscription required to read this article. Support your local newspaper, subscribe to the Kitsap Sun.

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  1. I’m almost afraid of what they will find. In the San Francisco Bay system, where monitoring has been conducted for decades, the delta smelt is state and federally listed as threatened (although it’s status should be endangered), as is the longfin smelt. Longfin may have largely disappeared from the many small bays and estuaries along the West Coast wherein they once occurred. The eulachon, a related species, is also federally listed. There is virtually nothing known about other species. Something is going on with our forage fishes, and it’s time that we take the first step and do a comprehensive study.

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