Action Taken To Protect Fish At Bottom Of Ocean Food Chain – Earthfix

As discussed in yesterday’s post, there has been a new rule under development to protect forage fish. These fish are critical to the rest of the ocean ecosystem. The west coast fisheries managers appear to have done the right thing.

West Coast fishery managers adopted a new rule Tuesday that protects many species of forage fish at the bottom of the ocean food chain. The rule prohibits commercial fishing of herring, smelt, squid and other small fish that aren’t currently targeted by fishermen. It sets up new, more protective regulations for anyone who might want to start fishing for those species in the future. The Pacific Fishery Management Council unanimously voted to adopt the rule at a meeting in Vancouver, Washington. The council sets ocean fishing seasons off the coasts of Washington, Oregon and California. Cassandra Profita reports. (EarthFix)

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