West Coast fishery managers days away from landmark decision on forage fish – Oregonian

Forage fish are the basis of the much of the food source for a huge variety of species, from salmon, sea birds and many other creatures. Moving into harvesting this species could put the final nail in the coffin of the fisheries on the west coast. Seabirds are already dying in the tens of thousands now off the coast, due to lack of food. Killing off the rest of their food source seems like stupid thinking, which is in abundance these days.

West coast fishery managers are poised to make a decision next week that could alter the future of fishing in federal waters off the Pacific Coast, as well as in Oregon’s state-regulated nearshore waters. The Pacific Fishery Management Council is scheduled to vote Monday on a proposal to restrict new forage fisheries off the coast of California, Oregon and Washington unless prospective fishermen can prove harvesting a new species would not damage the ecosystem. Kelly House reports. (Oregonian)


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