Fifty Years of Oil Spills in Washington’s Waters – Siteline

For those of you who are relatively new to the Pacific NW, there is a history lesson for environmentalists in what we have already fought or had to deal with. The Boldt Decision, The Spotted Owl controversy and subsequent NW Forest Plan, the various incarnations of the Puget Sound Partnership, and also, the history of oil spills are some of these historical precedents. Just last week I spoke before a church group that was full of relatively new people to the Olympic Peninsula, people who are genuinely wanting to engage with the Tribes, and astonishingly to me, some of them did not know what the Boldt Decision was.

I for one, was sent on my current course of hard core activism for protection of our Salish Sea by the Dalco Passage spill. That spill, so ineptly handled by DOE and others, was the basis for my re-engagement in deep activism. It was also the basis of Governor Gregoire forming the Puget Sound Partnership.  I felt that I had to bring what limited talent I could to helping avoid another such event. This blog, is one of the outcomes of that anger over the failure of our State agencies to protect our waters.

So that you too, can understand why some of us “old timers” are so hard core. Maybe it won’t take another major spill to get you active. Here’s  a quick education care of Sightline, one of my favorite reads. Subscribe to them.

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