Navy defends electronic warfare training project in Pacific Beach public meeting – PDN

Related news on the Navy’s expansion of electronic warfare testing.

The town with the most direct impact from the Navy’s proposal to expand electronic warfare training in Olympic National Forest had its first public meeting on the plan this week. More than 175 residents of Pacific Beach in Grays Harbor County attended the Wednesday night meeting, with many voicing opposition. A five-person team from the Navy — the U.S. Forest Service declined an invitation to attend — defended the military agency’s finding in August that the project would have no significant environmental impact. Angelo Bruscas reports. (North Coast News)

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  1. Yep. Sure have. They are very much involved in stopping coal/oil trains this year.

  2. From Coast to Coast radio show:

    Electromagnetic Weaponry:

    >>In the latter half of the program, analyst Craig Hulet talked about electromagnetic warfare systems and the dangers of such weaponry. The story first came to Hulet’s attention when he learned of a Navy plan to set up a range in the Pacific Northwest which would allegedly test counteractive measures against ground-based electromagnetic weaponry that might be used to disrupt American fighter jets. Further investigation by Hulet revealed similar Naval training is already being done in at least seventeen states throughout America. Despite their attempts to portray the program as akin to radar, he stressed that “make no mistake, these are weapons” and that agitation of aircraft is one of the least potent uses for such technology.

    Although this weaponry is considered ‘non-lethal,’ Hulet cautioned that it “has the ability to do unbelievable damage to human beings.” Should electromagnetic weapons be turned on people, he said, they can induce dizziness, nausea, and unconsciousness as well as “fry the water under your skin without burning you, until you are screaming in pain.” To that end, Hulet reported that attempts to use these ‘non-lethal’ systems in Iraq and Afghanistan were halted by the US government after targets suffered horrific deaths from the weapons. While the Army foresees other potential sinister uses for this technology such as mind control and DNA fragmentation, Hulet marveled that “the American people haven’t got a clue that this is going on.”<<

    • While the issue of Electromagnetic weaponry EMW is getting a lot of speculative debate in this issue, from my experience it does not get the general population to pay attention to the bigger issue. EMW is a sub category under health risks. Other, more immediate health risks to most people are the issue of noise pollution. Most people do not want high speed unmuffled jets flying over their homes and businesses up to 20 hours a day. This was established with commercial airports, and the muffling of commercial jets. To think that we are being asked to allow them to create this noise over businesses and homes, but also the Olympic National Park, one of the measured quietest places in North America, is really astonishing.

      Additionally, there are real concerns for wildlife, which does not simply adopt to this noise. If you are a fisherman, hunter or just hiker, you should be concerned about your ability to continue to do this on the west end, given the likely volume of training that the Navy is requesting to do.

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