Victoria Sewage Treatment gets another Setback – Times Colonist

So once again, Victoria’s sewage treatment facility is delayed, due to zoning issues. This was a known hazard for them going in and they attempted to steamroll over the opposition. Now they need to find an alternative plan. Years will go by as the poop of Victoria continues to pour out into the Strait, with all manner of pollutants in it.  While all of us along the Strait pay high taxes to treat our sewage, and take the solids to landfills, Victoria continues to be the major polluter on the Strait with no end in site. Amazing that in 2014 this is even an issue. But there you have it. Canada continues to be the model of what not to do in environmental protection.

Victoria sewage plant won’t get provincial push

B.C.’s Environment Minister Mary Polak says she will not intervene in the fight over where to put Victoria’s new sewage treatment plant. “After giving the request due consideration, the province will not attempt to override the zoning decisions of the duly elected Esquimalt council, said Polak in a statement issued on Tuesday morning. The Capital Regional District asked Polak to step in last month, after the Township of Esquimalt refused to rezone land at McLoughlin Point, which the CRD purchased last year at a cost of $4.6 million. The move, which effectively blocks plans to build on the site, leaves the CRD without a location for the plant, after eight years of planning. The CRD has been ordered by the provincial government to have a plant up and running by 2016. The federal government has set its own deadline of 2020. Mike Laanela reports.

(CBC) See also: CRD drops plan to build sewage plant in Esquimalt, next step unclear Bill Cleverley and Lindsay Kines report. (Times Colonist)

And watch: Dumping Raw Sewage is Not Okay

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