Article on GMO Controversy shows difficulty finding ‘Truth’ in the debate – NY Times

One of the most hotly discussed issues of the last election in our county and state was the issue of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) and it’s use in our foods. The NY Times takes an indepth front page look at one small county’s battle to ban them, and the issues that it raises. This issue is not so black and white as the supporters of either side would like.  I post it here to help people understand the complexity of this issue and fact that sometimes things are neither all good nor bad, but various shades of gray.  Do you think that we should not save the Papaya if we can genetically engineer it to avoid disease? And is the science people are relying on really proven or just extrapolation of data to prove a point that one side or the other wants to arrive at? There is an old saying that caution us that ” To Assume is to make an Ass of U and Me”. It’s wise to remember that in this context.

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  1. The point of this argument keeps getting lost in all the discussion – people have a right to know what it is that they are eating so they have control over their diets.

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