Thanks for a great 2013, and here’s ideas for 2014

We’ve closed out our 7th year publishing, and now enter our eighth. We surpassed 24,000 unique views on this blog over the course of 2013. Given our small geographic focus, I’m thrilled about those numbers. As in the past, this site continues to be non-commercial, and I’ve been fortunate not to have to consider selling advertising on it.

I’ve got some ideas for expanding it in 2014, and if the time allows, you might just see some new and exciting features here.

Upcoming in 2014:

  • Legislature
    • Likely a grid locked legislature but looking forward to some movement on minor environmental efforts that can generate cross party unity. These are likely more of the same as we saw last year, where the derelict vessel program was a big deal, albeit small in scope compared to previous year goals.
  • Elections
    • We’ll see if the environment gains any traction in the mid-terms this year. Maybe on the Coal Train issue?
  • Political Arena
    • Net Pen Moratorium while we wait on the science to catch up?
    • More funding coming as the economy improves?
  • Science in the news.
    • Research on the starfish die offs.
    • Research on the hype of the Fukushima melt down. Can we get transparency here please, NOAA to help stop the crazies from scaring people into not eating seafood?
    • I predict this will be the year that Alexandra Morton is vindicated.
  • Look for more here on the “News”
    • More video
    • More audio
    • More photos
    • More podcasts

Thanks again for being there.

Al in editor

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  1. Al, I owe you one. A favorite moment of 2013 was the epiphany of discovering the term “ecosystem services” in your Nov. 27 note, “Upcoming Workshops on Defining the Economics of Ecosystem Services.” However ludicrous the concept is of putting a dollar value on a view of a sunset or a snowfield, it provides a means of communicating in a language comprehensible to bureaucracy.

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