2013 State of the Sound

2013 PSP Indicators

The Puget Sound Partnership has released it’s “2013 State of the Sound” report. The whole report can be found here. The chart shown here is on Page 70. Obviously, when you cut to just the indicators, things are not doing well.


Yes, that’s a real URL .

I’ll just net this out for you. Some summary data from the report. By the way, the 2012 report appears to no longer be available on their web site.. It would be nice to have the comparison information.



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  1. My apologies, the weblink is case sensitive. Here’s the link to the State of the Sound main webpage: http://www.psp.wa.gov/sos.php

  2. For real-time updates on ecosystem and recovery work progress, the Puget Sound Partnership regularly updates this information online in the following ways:

    1. The Puget Sound Vital Signs website is home to the latest data on our ecosystem recovery indicators. http://www.psp.wa.gov/vitalsigns/index.php.

    2. The Puget Sound Report Card website tracks progress on the Near Term Actions identified in the 2012 Action Agenda. This website is updated quarterly. http://gismanager.rco.wa.gov/ntaportal

  3. Thank you for the feedback regarding not being able to find the 2012 State of the Sound report. The older report was located beneath the download for the full 2013 report. We’ve now added a link to the main State of the Sound page that will take you directly to both the 2009 and 2012 reports. http://www.psp.wa.gov/SOS.php

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