What’s wrong with industrial salmon net pens?–South Whidbey Record

An excellent overview of the problems with industrial net pens to raise salmon. Especially to the point is the following:

The reason that industrial net pens are profitable for their operators is because the environmental costs are passed on to everyone else. The industry pays nothing for its large release of untreated sewage into Puget Sound and the larger Salish Sea. It pays nothing for threatening wild fish with disease and parasites. It pays nothing for continuing releases of non-native fish. We need to end these subsidies.

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  1. The article is a very concise, succinct overview of the problems inherent in using net pens to raise salmon. It does appear that the needs of the local environment and nearby communities are sacrificed so that a few corporations can profit. When you factor in the health risks linked to eating “farmed” salmon, it makes you wonder why we continue to pursue this path.

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