Anne Murphy to Retire from Port Townsend Marine Science Center

Her’s will be big shoes to fill. Here’s her email to supporters:


The time has come for me to retire from the PTMSC. It has been a difficult decision to make, but I do so in a spirit of celebration, knowing the great things we have accomplished together. It has been a privilege and honor to work with you and the impassioned staff who helped build this place over the last 24 years. Your dedication and commitment has been a tremendous inspiration; it has kept me going.

I love the PTMSC and our work. As I said to staff when delivering this news this morning, we are fortunate to have jobs we believe in with a mission that will impact people and the place where we live long after we’re gone. Our work is about learning and sharing information with others so that we can do the hard work together – shifting behaviors toward changes that protect the Salish Sea.

As I look to the future, I think we’re in a good, stable position right now to handle this transition in leadership. After an intense reflection and assessment process over the last 18 months, we made a wise decision to invest in ourselves before taking on an expansion.  We are a stronger organization as a result, with a clear shared focus. Staff is well-rooted in their areas of responsibility and is cultivating relationships that will help PTMSC stay strong.

I’m planning to stay with PTMSC until a replacement has been found. Linda Dacon, our stalwart board chair, has formed a search committee that will oversee recruitment and selection of the new executive director. We will keep you informed as to how you can participate in the process.

Although this is hard news to absorb, we have something to celebrate – a healthy organization and an ED who has earned her release papers!  Please support our staff as this transition unfolds.

With tremendous gratitude,


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