Little Fish, Big Problems: Paying attention to “the most important fish in the sea”–At Feiro 11.30.2012

Feiro Marine Life Center and  Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary Present:

Friday, November 30    6:30-8:30 pm 2nd floor Landing Mall

Conservation and human interest is often focused on large, visible animals such as whales, seals, and sea birds.  Yet, many of these species depend critically on the availability of small, schooling fish such as herrings, anchovies and sardines.  The protection of the “little fish” may hold the answer to reaching broad conservation goals.   Gain a greater understanding of the biology, ecology and threats to these fish, with a particular emphasis on species that reside on the Washington Coast.
Join us in welcoming Dr. Tim Essington, a marine ecologist with broad interests in marine ecology, food webs, and ecosystem-based fisheries management.  Dr. Essington, an Associate Professor and Associate Director of the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington, serves on the boards of the Ecosystem Science and Management working group of the NOAA Science Advisory Board, the NCEAS Science Advisory Board, and the Marine Stewardship Council’s Technical Advisory Board.  In 2011 he was selected to be a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation.

Please call Feiro at 417-6254 for more information.

Suggested Donation: $5.00

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