Peering Off The Pier Into Hood Canal on Nov 20

From the People For Puget Sound website. They held a “Peer Pier” last week on Hood Canal down near Shelton.

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So we had quite a turnout for such a wintry evening, and if only the sea creatures had been around in greater numbers it would have been a perfect night. We had a great volunteer turnout with Brenda, Evan, Liz and her husband John and her mother Sandra assisting. Jessica took ill and Brittany was unable to come out this time but we had it covered. If we had had a full forty folks though it would have been good to have had more help.

Brenda set up an awesome spread of all kinds of cookies and treats galore, tea and coffee too. She also got all but two folks to join as new members and collected $100 in membership donations! Wow. (perhaps PPS should hire her as a fundraiser! Brenda do we need to kick back a few dollars to you to cover costs for your hosting investment?) Evan has the forms and cash for memberships. Some of the handwriting is pretty hard to read and might require some calls to their phones to figure it out. We’ll need to make sure they print clearly next time. One member of the local Walkie Talkies hiking group said her evening was complete before we even went out to the pier just from the food and drinks alone.

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  1. This was in Union, at the dock. It was interesting to compare the differences between Olympia’s Budd Inlet and Hood Canal. Two very different areas – and we were experiencing an influx of fresh water that night, you could see many of the creatures were staying low, in the deeper marine waters. The squid were attracted to the light, but preferred to warmer marine layer to the colder fresh layer….These dynamics were fascinating to see. The impact of the Skokomish River are powerful at this dock. We wondered how many CFS rush by….

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