Get Ready for Halloween! Buy your U.N. Labeling and wear it on Oct 30th!

It’s not to soon to prepare for the best Halloween ever! This year, in honor of one of our looney political candidates who are convinced that all environmental thought and action here in Jefferson County is controlled by the U.N., I propose that we all go to the U.N. store, and buy a bunch of U.N. labels, pins, decals, etc. and gussy ourselves up appropriately!

Show the loonies that we have become Area 51 and the U.N. aliens have landed on Oct. 30th!

Shop now!

If you haven’t read the stories, check out the Port Townsend Leader or the Peninsula Daily News. Just type in the words Boyer, Jefferson County Commissioner, U.N., and blog to get some very interesting nuttiness from one of the leading candidates in the county. And you thought Halloween was scary!

Wear your U.N. costumes with pride on Halloween!