Navy NW Training Range EIS now out – Comments welcome

In case you missed it, (which wouldn’t be hard to do), the Navy have finally released the Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed NW Training range. This range, which would include helicopter training over the triangle that makes up Admiralty Inlet and a bit beyond, would greatly increase noise levels at any and all hours of day or night that the Navy sees fit. Add to that the heightened security for all us boaters to deal with, the meshing of Navy traffic with freighter traffic, threats to sea life, and general raising of security seems to make this an unwanted project for our area.  This blog certainly appreciates  our military, and it’s job protecting our country from threats. But training sailors and soldiers in the midst of a population center like Port Townsend, given that we have seen (and heard) Navy training jets from Whidbey Naval Station flying at all hours of day and night, along with the likelyhood of increased accidents and sealife threats (noise etc.) just seems like a recipe for problems.  It would be great to see this training idea moved further west, perhaps off Neah Bay area, where they already train.

Comments are due by OCTOBER 12th.  Please visit the Navy web site, to download, read and comment on this proposal.