New Money for Puget Sound Research

So now that everyone has calmed down a bit on whether David Dicks drives his car home , or buys Macs instead of PCs, the real value of the Partnership, along with it’s family ties to pursestrings  in Washington, is showing up. They put out a document last year that tried to prioritize the cleanup and now the Feds have come back with a significant amount of money to do what many of us have asked for, for years. Real solid monitoring of the efforts. State government, while always wanting results, has not appropriately funded the efforts. This is a great start. It does mean something significant. And it will give jobs to scientists on the ground here in Washington. Let’s at least give a small amount of gratitude for the Partnership for helping get this done.

Liam Moriarty
SEATTLE (KPLU) – The effort to restore Puget Sound to health depends a lot on good science. A new infusion of federal money for research sheds light on that complex and wide-ranging task.
The nearly $13 million will pay for 17 projects aimed at increasing our knowledge of specific aspects of what’s ailing Puget Sound   and how to heal it.
Michael Rylko – with the Environmental Protection Agency – says the research will cover a lot of ground.
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