Boyer and Austin winning for County Commissioner race

Anti environmental candidate Jim Boyer, who has primarily run opposing the SMP and CAO and vows to attempt to overturn them if elected, has garnered the most votes in the primary for Jefferson County Commissioner. John Austin is running a strong but distance second, and Diane Johnson, also an openly anti environmental candidate, is running a distant third.  The key here is that this is the primary, and Port Townsend was not voting at this point for the south county candidates.

If you value environmental protection in this county, you need to at least vote, if not work for, John Austin’s candidacy. Make no mistake about it, years of hard work to better protect our county’s environment are at stake if Jim Boyer is elected. He has publicly opposed almost any new regulation to protect shores and critical areas, and he is strongly backed by the libertarian “Olympic Stewardship Foundation”, which is also staunchly opposed to any and all new land regulation. He is wanting to roll back the regs, which strikes me as odd, as being a Republican his normal stance is for less government waste and spending. Our county has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the latest round of regulations, and now Boyer wants them thrown out. Talk about waste in government!

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