Ruckelshaus steps down from Puget Sound Partnership Leadership Council

I think this will be a fine transition. Martha Kongsgaard is an excellent choice to take Bill’s role. While I am sorry to see him step down, I am happy to hear about Martha.


July 30, 2010

Bill Ruckelshaus today announced he was stepping down as chair of the Puget Sound Partnership Leadership Council. Governor Chris Gregoire today appointed Martha Kongsgaard to succeed Bill Ruckelshaus as chair. People For Puget Sound’s statement on this change of leadership is below as well as the Governor’s announcement:

“Puget Sound protection and recovery would not have come as far as it has today without the leadership and dedication of Bill Ruckelshaus and we thank him for his work,” said Kathy Fletcher, executive director of People For Puget Sound. “We look forward to working with Martha Kongsgaard as the new chair of the Leadership Council to move ahead aggressively to carry out their Action Agenda. The Sound’s health hangs in the balance. We need to fund the restoration of the Sound, need to toughen up regulations and enforcement, and need better oil spill prevention and response.”

From: Governor Christine Gregoire []
Sent: Friday, July 30, 2010 3:44 PM

Dear friend of the Puget Sound:

Earlier today at the Puget Sound Partnership Leadership Conference meeting, Bill Ruckelshaus announced he is stepping down as chair.  Of course this announcement brings mixed emotions.  I’m sad he’s leaving this position, but also thrilled for Bill as he finally starts enjoying retirement and pursues other opportunities – which you’ll be happy to know still involve protecting and restoring the Puget Sound.

I remember when Bill and I said we had to do something different to save the Puget Sound.  There were many challenges, and we knew it would take a new approach to restore and protect the crown jewel of Washington’s ecosystem.  His vision – a united, science-based effort that involved the entire sound – became the Puget Sound Partnership.  Bill was instrumental in that work, bringing together our tribal partners, our business and environmental communities, our local governments, and our state and federal agencies.  Most of all – he carried out his number one value – and that is bringing people together from the ground up who shared his passion and dedication.

His vision was at once bold and effective, bringing a new vigor to our work.  Today we’re making strides toward a cleaner, healthier Puget Sound – and that’s in large part due to Bill’s leadership.

While Bill is stepping down from his current role, he will continue to fight for the health of Puget Sound in a new one.  I’m pleased that Bill is joining the board of the Puget Sound Foundation to enlist the help of the private sector and encourage the citizens of Puget Sound to fully embrace our goal of a healthy and prosperous Sound.

I wish him and his wife, Jill, the very best, and thank them for their years of service – not just here, but to our country.

I’m pleased to announce that Martha Kongsgaard has agreed to become chair of the leadership council.  Martha has a nearly insatiable appetite for service, and has spent many years working on Puget Sound issues.  I’m confident she will serve as chair as she did as vice chair – with commitment and vision.

Thanks again to Bill – and please join me in welcoming Martha to this new role.

Sincerely, Chris

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