Puget Sound Oil Spill Prevention Phone Conference Call in – Wednesday June 23rd

Kathy Fletcher, the Executive Director of People For Puget Sound, and Bruce Wishart,  Policy Director of the group, will hold a call in conference to discuss the state of oil spill preparedness for Puget Sound on Wednesday evening, at 7PM.  Here’s the invitation from Kathy. Please preregister!

Thankfully, underwater oil drilling is not allowed in Washington waters. Instead we have major oil refineries bringing in millions of gallons of crude oil, barges taking out millions of gallons of petroleum product, and large cargo vessels and cruise ships each carrying thousands of gallons of fuel on our inland waters.

A state oil spill advisory council reported that the state and these industries are not prepared for a major oil spill in Puget Sound and the Straits.

I’d like to invite you to a phone conference briefing on the state of our Puget Sound oil spill prevention and spill preparedness with policy director Bruce Wishart and myself on Wednesday, June 23, beginning at 7 PM and lasting for about an hour.

We can accommodate 1,000 phone participants at this phone briefing. To participate, please RSVP online and a call-in number and access code will be sent back to you.

I think you will find this briefing informative and inspiring. Whether you are able to call in or not, I urge you to help us make the state’s spill prevention and response measures stricter.

Before the end of this month, please donate to our $175,000 Spring Clean Water Campaign so we can continue our work to keep our Puget Sound waters and shorelines oil-free and healthy.

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