Harbor-Works “will dissolve if it doesn’t get the Rayonier site” chamber told

The battle for hearts and minds continues in Port Angeles, as a member of the board of the entity setup to create a public commercial restoration of the site predicts dire outcomes if their plans are not accepted by the population. On the other side of this debate, and not interviewed in this for a counter balance, are those seeking to turn Ennis Creek back into a viable salmon spawning creek by creating a shoreline park on the site. Looks like something has to happen this summer, which seems unlikely. No mention whether any other person with a counter opinion to Mr. Alhburg was invited to speak to the Chamber or not.

6/22 Peninsula Daily News
Harbor-Works will dissolve if it doesn’t get Rayonier site, chamber told
By Paige Dickerson
Peninsula Daily News

PORT ANGELES — Harbor-Works Development Authority faces a fork in the road this summer, with one route leading to dissolution of the authority if it doesn’t acquire the site of a former Rayonier pulp mill, a board member told a Chamber of Commerce audience Monday.

The other route — the one intended when Port Angeles city and port officials created the public development authority in 2008 — would be acquisition of the waterfront acreage in northeast Port Angeles to speed the site’s cleanup and redevelopment, said board member Kaj Ahlburg.

Ahlburg, speaking to about 75 people at a luncheon meeting of the Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce, called the decision one of the most important for Port Angeles.

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