Friedman article on need for a real energy bill

Thomas Friedman has a very good article today on getting Congress to take bold action on the proposed energy bill. This bill could help us make a firm step towards getting off petroleum and it’s horrific consequences for the environment (see Gulf of Mexico currently,Valdez Alaska twenty years ago, and on and on).

A little known fact that is worth considering is that 40% of America’s fish catch comes from the Gulf of Mexico. As we watch huge volumes of oil wash up on the shores, with no end in sight, a reasonable person would ask, “How can we stop this from happening again?”

Call your local US Congressman and women and tell them to get the energy bill done, with alternative energy first and foremost. We need to get off oil now.

Locally, here’s what needs to get done to protect us and our unique waters:

  • let’s get on the stick and call your state representative and senator and ask them to get the oil industry to stop fooling around and come to an agreement to fund the rescue tug at Neah Bay. 
  • Freighters need local pilots. There are more possible problems with freighters than oil tankers in our waters.
  • Fully fund the oil spill prevention program.
  • Pass and fund the stormwater runoff program. Stormwater is our most polluting problem for the Sound. We need to take long range actions to reverse this. We can’t solve it overnight.
  • Do you drive a pickup truck everywhere? Then look in the mirror. You can do better. Drive a car with even 5 MPG better mileage next time you don’t need to haul something. It’s a small but real thing you can do.

For the full article by Thomas Friedman, see the NY Times web site.

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