Upcoming Winter High Tides: A Preview of Future Sea Level Rise

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Upcoming Winter High Tides: A Preview of Future Sea Level Rise
Seasonal high tides occurring throughout the region early next week will provide a preview of what the state might expect to see on a more regular basis as a result of rising sea levels.

The region experienced seasonal high tides in early January. At that time, we asked you to take photos and send them in to us. We got some great shots and a few are represented here: http://www.ecy.wa.gov/climatechange/ipa_hightide.htm. Thank you to all of you who responded!

Now we have another opportunity to document these seasonal high tides. Those of you who happen to photograph the high tide events February 1 – 3 are invited to submit your images to the Washington State Department of Ecology. We are interested in using these images to help document the coastal impacts our state is likely to face with increasing frequency as sea levels continue to rise.

Images can be submitted via email to ‘ecologyoutreach@ecy.wa.gov’ – along with the date, time, and detailed location information. Please provide contact information if you’d like us to send you a release form for future publication of your photos. For more information, visit the Washington Department of Ecology blog:

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