Land Trust sells Carbon Offsets

Both the PDN and the Leader carried stories this week about the deal the Jefferson County Land Trust and the Shorebank Enterprise Cascadia put together. In this deal, Shorebank will pay the Trust to grow trees and not cut them, to put carbon offsets into the air. While I’m not convinced that carbon offsets are going to make a great deal of difference if we don’t change coal and gasoline consumption, i.e. perhaps make electric cars so cheap by government tax breaks that people stop buying gas cars entirely, or additionally make mandatory changes to natural gas for coal fired plants as an interim , rapidly do-able project that could dramatically cut CO2 within 10 years.

But this is a good, local step. Let’s cheer any serious efforts to roll back the dangerous levels of CO2 in our atmosphere.

Article at the PDN

Unfortunately the Leader did not put it’s article on line. If you need it, pick up a copy of the paper.

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Full story from the Land Trust at

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