Jefferson County SMP to be locally approved. Monday 12/7

Local Approval:    The SMP is set for local approval by Board of County Commissioner Resolution next Monday, December 7 (tentative time is 10:45 am but subject to change).  Board agendas are online at, generally posted on the Thursday prior to each meeting.

Final document revisions, some tricky formatting issues and preparation of the 35-page resolution with over 170 findings of fact and numerous attachments took longer than anticipated, keeping staff from meeting the previously anticipated November target dates for local approval.  Apologies for any inconvenience the delay may have caused.

Local approval means the SMP will be submitted to the WA Dept. of Ecology for the final review and adoption process.   The new goals, policies, designations and regulations will be in effect upon final adoption, currently anticipated for sometime in 2010.

Public Comment:
Once the Board takes formal action the SMP will be available to the public (online, review copies, etc.) and will be sent to Ecology.  Then another public comment period and public hearing will be scheduled by the state.  This email list will be notified when specific dates are determined.

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