Forks implements emergency water restrictions – PDN

The drought is not over folks, just because we got rain. In fact, the forecasts for the next year is for no real relief. Forks has one of 5 city wells shut down, and appears to be in a bad situation for the near term. In Port Townsend, with minimal rationing going on, there still is no talk about backup plans for next year. You would think that if our politicians understood the issue, they would be looking into drilling wells around the county. Just what is their plan if the snows do not materialize this year?

Forks implements emergency water restrictions due to well levels

Lack of water could temporarily shut down Port Townsend Paper Corp. mill – PDN

Charlie Berman reports on the ongoing discussions between the city of Port Townsend and the PT Paper Mill Corp. As stated in the article, it appears that the City is using approx. 2 Million gallons a day (previous estimates I’ve read placed it at 1 M gallons but perhaps this is based on older information). The mill uses approx 8 Million gallons a day currently,and even in temporary shutdown could still use a significant amount. Read the whole story and support local journalism by subscribing to the Peninsula Daily News.

Dungeness Water Rule: Two ‘yeas,’ one ‘probably’ – Sequim Gazette

The contentious battle over water rights in the Dungeness watershed comes closer to a resolution.

“With the date of anticipated promulgation growing closer, State Reps. Steve Tharinger and Kevin Van De Wege continue to support the final approval of the Dungeness Water Management Rule. “

Comments on the article were by the usual suspects, real estate agents that claim a harm to the market, but have no data to actually support their claims. Let’s remember that the market is already in the tubes because of a economic downturn, caused by an unregulated lending market in the last decade while the political party they blame for this was out of power.