Judge rejects suit to halt dock addition at Trident base – Seattle Times

As this points out, what the military wants from an area once it is in, is pretty hard to stop. The expansion of the militarization of Puget Sound and Hood Canal continues. This expansion of the Trident base is in addition to the designation, without any feedback from our local politicians at either the city of Port Townsend or County Commissioners, of the entire area around Admiralty Inlet as a ‘training area’ for low flying helicopters and other Navy needs. Add to that the expansion of the Navy air base on Whidby Island, and the scene is set for us to have no way of effectively stopping more jet noise, low overflights by helicopters at all hours of day and night and greatly increased ship traffic. Let alone the understandable secrecy that the Navy brings to it’s efforts, so that even when we suspect something, like the incredible destruction of the shoreline well documented (and apologized for) by the Navy in Hood Canal a few years back, by one of it’s ships, we have to prove it before they even discuss it with us.

A federal judge in Tacoma has dismissed a lawsuit seeking to halt construction of a nuclear-missile handling wharf at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor, clearing the way for the contested $650 million Pentagon project to proceed.

Kyung M. Song reports.


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