Tidal Power Project In Puget Sound Abandoned By Utility – Earthfix

This was the Admiralty Inlet project. A very disheartening temporary end. Likely it won’t be the last we hear of this. Perhaps this is an opportunity for the newly created Jefferson County PUD to step up.  I wonder what the background story is on this. My guess is that the lack of support from the Republican House doomed this clean energy project. They have been loath to fund any such projects, and have been working to kill all tax advantages for the solar industry also.

 This is another project that likely would have been helped by restoring earmarks in the Federal budget, a negotiating tool for getting regional projects like this funded in exchange for regional projects in opposing lawmakers districts. Earmarks were abolished by President Obama, one of his early “accomplishments” to aid in the budget process. Something that should likely be brought back. It actually worked to ease gridlock, and keep worthy projects like this alive. It had it’s problems, like a bridge to nowhere in Alaska, but that was actually an outlier to the bulk of good work it got accomplished.

A long-awaited tidal energy project in Puget Sound has come to halt. The project was set to generate electricity and connect it to the grid – the first project of its kind in the world. But it just got too expensive. The Snohomish County Public Utility District had hoped to install two underwater turbines in Admiralty Inlet near Puget Sound’s Whidbey Island. The pilot turbines would have generated enough power for about 200 homes and stayed in the water up to five years. The U.S. Department of Energy had said it would pay for half the project, but the department recently said it couldn’t keep paying after eight years of permitting and testing. Courtney Flatt reports. (EarthFix)


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