In memory of … Ticiang Diangson: A legacy of environmental justice – NW Asian Weekly

I know that there are many ex-Seattle people here on the Peninsula. Some of you may have worked with Ticiang, (another Chicago transplant), and not have known that she was ill. She accomplished a lot for the larger community. A small side note, I hear complaints by some people on an almost monthly basis about how Seattle  and the Pacific NW are ‘not like they used to be” because of the influx of ‘outsiders”. These are usually from people fortunate enough by the luck of birth to have been born here. Ticiang was a person who came to the Northwest and accomplished a lot to make it a better place. She spent more time living here and giving her energy to us than she did in her time living ‘where she came from’. Worth remembering the next time you hear someone moaning about ‘the people moving to the state.’ Perhaps it would be better to complain less and act more for our area, as Ticiang did in her life. We all have something to give.

A pioneer in the field of environmental justice, Ticiang Diangson died peacefully on Jan. 29 at her home on Beacon Hill.  The legacy of her work lives on in Seattle and in cities throughout the nation. (NW Asian Weekly)

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