Salmon Evolution chairman: Don’t discount land-based flow-through aquaculture –

As this blog has advocated for many years, there is  no real good reason not to move aquaculture upland. Now, the CEO of a Norwegian salmon farming business, says it.

“The industry must expand, and to do that, land-based is the future. It will not be easier to find places to farm. On top of that, regulations will become harder and harder,” he said, referencing the ban the U.S. state of Washington placed on salmon net-pen aquaculture that goes into effect in 2025.

Reiten added that the company’s plan to pull water from the “deep sea” will help it prevent sea lice infestation at its new facility – sidestepping another major environmental problem facing net-pen salmon producers.

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The New York Times Breaks into Virtual Reality Documentary Journalism

Last Sunday, the New York Times sent out a box that contained a cardboard version of Google Glasses for watching a documentary on your iPhone or Android phone. By mounting the phone in the cardboard frame and downloading the video you could look into the world of the displaced children struggling with being forced from their homes by war. This marriage of new technology that is available now for under $3,000, with a journalistic assignment, points to a new frontier of storytelling. If you have not yet seen it, there is a non 3D version, but with the ability to scroll around your screen and view the entire world of the children. Check it out. This is how news will be reported in the near future. And likely how we will learn about the world around us. It’s use in environmental education cannot be overstated.

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