Studies of bottom fish help fill in key portions of Puget Sound food web – Watching Our Waterways

Chris Dunagan has an excellent new video by WDFW, and also points the reader to a series of other articles on bottom fish over the last few years. Good update, and worth viewing if you want to see how a scientific trawl is done. Great overview for that budding marine scientist in your family.

In a new video, Dayv Lowry of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife does a great job explaining how scientific trawling provides information about the kinds of creatures that hang out on the bottom of Puget Sound. The video shows a big net being brought to the surface filled with crabs and all sorts of strange creatures, which are then sorted and measured right on the deck of the Chasina. This research, which has been going on for years, provides information about how populations of marine species are changing over time. Chris Dunagan reports. (Watching Our Water Ways)

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