Superpod of Dolphins seen in Gulf Islands–CBC

Superpods are rare, but not unheard of. Photographer Chase Jarvis videotaped a superpod of dolphins off South Africa’s coast  last summer.  But to see them here is quite a treat. I’ve interviewed old timers who recalled seeing them in the 50s and 60s, along with superpods of Orcas. The best definition of them is a gathering of pods, likely for hunting when food is present.

Passengers aboard a BC Ferries vessel were treated to a rare sight on Friday, as a pod of about 1,000 Pacific white-sided dolphins swam next to the boat for several minutes. Rob Maguire caught it on video.

1,000 dolphins swim beside ferry off Gulf Islands

Off topic – Amazing video of Dolphin super pod off South Africa

While many of you know that I try and focus on the Olympic Peninsula, occasionally something from elsewhere really catches my eye. In my interviews for Voices of the Strait, I was told of super pod sitings off our coast of Orcas. I’ve sailed quite a bit on Puget Sound, not a lot outside the Straits. I like many of you, have had dolphins chase my bow.

Seattle video professional Chase Jarvis was onboard the sailboat of the adventurer Mike Horn off the coast of South Africa about two months ago. Equipped with some great professional gear and a lot of help, they ended up accidentally sailing into a dolphin super pod. As Mike says, “After sailing tens of thousands of nautical miles, over a lifetime, I’ve never seen anything like this.” It is an amazing window into a little seen part of life in the oceans.

Enjoy. With your efforts, perhaps we will see a return of a super pod here in the Salish Sea.

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