Are you opposed to fracking? Then you might just be a terrorist – Guardian

I usually avoid stories like this, but the Guardian is one of the most independent news dailies on the planet. They broke the Snowden NSA story.The dirty truth about the NSA spying, is that in conjunction with corporate alliances with government, we are now seeing a new wave of propaganda and government eavesdropping created to paint environmental protestors as ‘terrorists”. This article by the Guardian is one of the first I’ve seen that is showing the actual linkage between the actors behind this. From Canada, to the UK and the US, this is not an isolated incident, but appears to be a newly emerging attack on peaceful protestors doing their best to slow the energy companies that are dominating politics on a global scale. To any of you protesting, my advice to you is to not communicate via electronic form without using encryption. The article also shows that they have targeted Occupy protestors  in this dragnet on behalf of large banks.

It’s time we all make a point with our elected officials, face to face, that this behavior is unacceptable in a democracy, and that we want them to work to stop it.  Why does it affect us here on the Peninsula? Because anyone that is acting in a role of environmentalist, may already be a target of this data gathering. It’s why the issue of metadata collection, as opposed to the actual call contents, is so crucial to stop. The assumptions and erroneous correlations that can be painted of a person, out of context, by having this data is what they want to be able to do. It can much more effectively silence or discredit a person than the actual contents of the call, text or email.

From North America to Europe, the ‘national security’ apparatus is being bought off by Big Oil to rout peaceful activism

Over the last year, a mass of shocking evidence has emerged on the close ties between Western government spy agencies and giant energy companies, and their mutual interests in criminalising anti-fracking activists

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