‘Band-Aid’ seawall likely to stay below failing landfill bluff in Port Angeles – PDN

It would seem that the answer to this problem would be to remove the soil and cliffs from the shoreline, tiering them back away from the bluff. Maybe not feasible, maybe not practical,but I can’t foresee any other realistic way to stop this and protect the Straits from the leakage of pollution from the old PA landfill.

Immediate efforts to deal with a failing bluff abutting Port Angeles’ landfill will not include the removal of a seawall at its base, though the structure’s years may be numbered. Several members of the City Council and the public made clear during discussions about the city’s landfill bluff-stabilization project at Tuesday’s council meeting that they thought the 7-year-old concrete structure eventually should be torn out. Jeremy Schwartz reports.


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