New timber rules after Oso – Various

Goldmark was on KUOW this morning in a much more conciliatory mood than his rant against environmentalists after the slide. He now seems to be totally on board with stiffer regulations, though he warns that his bureaucracy takes a long time to accomplish anything, and even then, might not (referring to the slide down on the Chehalis a decade back). The interviewer didn’t ask him the hard questions, which are, “your department was aware of the issues in Oso, yet chose to ignore or minimize them, why should we think you are going to be any different in the future?”  This doesn’t appear to be so much a process issue, but an issue of using the process to minimize risk for DNR. Color us skeptical that in the end anything of substance in regards to banning timber harvest in areas of danger will ever be accomplished.

New timber-harvest rules not enough, state board told


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