Kimberly Kindy of the Washington Post goes deep in reporting on how Rep. Norm Dicks and former Puget Sound Partnership director and son David Dicks worked together, with the congressman directing millions more to Puget Sound recovery, including a $1.82 million earmark and more than $14 million in grants and other funds that went to his son’s agency.

There were no competitors for the funds. “It was a difficult time,” the younger Dicks said. “I left a lucrative law practice to help save Puget Sound. No one was expecting the response that me and my father got.” Dicks channeled federal money to Puget Sound project his son ran.

Alf says: The Partnership, by it’s very existence, has helped focus federal funding towards projects to enhance and protect the Sound and Salish Sea. However, it’s been a very strange thing to watch the issues that this article raises over the last few years. I think, in balance, we are better off for this having gone through than not, though the latest tilt of the Governor and State in total support of the shellfish and netpen industries raises very difficult questions for the environmental community moving forward.

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