The Mother Nature of climate protests comes Sunday with offspring here – Seattle

If you are concerned about getting the attention of the general population, who are vaguely aware of the issue of the issue of Climate Change, you might want to take part in one of these two ‘super protests’ or look into the various other local ones being planned around the Peninsula.

….An estimated 1,000 organizations are working to mount the mother of all environmental demonstrations this Sunday in Manhattan.  Its aim, along with other events worldwide, is the biggest impact on public consciousness since the first Earth Day in 1970…. The Puget Sound area will see two offshoot demonstrations. The first will take place Saturday from 1 to 3 the Peace Arch in Blaine, with a heavy emphasis on protecting the Salish Sea — inland waters of Washington and British Columbia through which millions of salmon pass en route to the Fraser river…. The second event will be a Peoples Climate March in Seattle, slated for Westlake Park at 1 p.m.  Joel Connelly reports. (SeattlePI.Com)

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