Hood Canal Divers Proud of Giant Pacific Octopus Habitat – Kitsap Sun

Good short piece in the Kitsap Sun yesterday by Tristan Baurick, on the Giant Pacific Octopus, the recent furor and ban due to one diver who killed one, and information on their locations on the Hood Canal (where their capture is banned).

Given that the Sun refuses to allow any reproduction of their articles in any form, and they have put up a pay wall, you’ll just have to go find it on your own. I’m not going to be supporting their actions by even reproducing one word of their content, nor am I going to be supporting having anyone find the links easier than I have to. The Sun should understand that those of us blogging out here are supporting them by advertising their work for free, and funneling viewers to their site. We have a unique set of readers, and are focusing our efforts on locale. We don’t compete for their advertising and even if we did, it’s doubtful we would eat into their paying customers, since ours is so much smaller than theirs. If they feel that any use of the content is prohibited, then they will have to forego our efforts.  I take the same attitude towards the Port Townsend Leader, which I subscribe to.  Newspapers continue to be almost clueless in how to drive online viewership. I fully understand the need to make a profit on their work, but limiting the reproduction of even leads (the first sentence or paragraph) is a recipe for failure.

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