Washington Legislature Fails To Pass Any Oil Train Legislation – Earthfix

You know, I have a hard time giving money to political parties when this kind of outcome is standard operating procedure. Excuses don’t cut it. Results do.

The Washington Legislature’s Republicans and Democrats couldn’t get together to pass a single piece of legislation specifically relating to oil trains or vessels, despite the introduction of several bills from both sides of the aisle. Ashley Ahearn reports. (EarthFix)


Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell supports farm bill

While gaining improvements to school lunches, farming communities and organic farming, the Democrats have thrown the environmental wing under the bus. Hidden in the Farm bill is massive expansion of forest cutting, and billions taken out of the mouths of the most neediest of our communities. We have hundreds of people at our local food bank each week. This will make that worse, not better. Isn’t there any other political parties that are going to stand up and support the poor and the environment? Can I hear a call for some Green candidates?  Seattle was able to elect a Socialist.

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