Alexandra Morton – What We Accomplished in 2013

Alexandra Morton is the leading independent researcher into net pen salmon and the diseases these fish are carrying to the wild stocks on Vancouver Island. She is standing in front of a juggernaut industry that has bought the Canadian government’s approval. Here is an overview of what she accomplished last year, and an appeal to those of us who worry that this nightmare is heading our way, to help fund her efforts. It will only happen if we do it folks. The average person out there does not even know of this threat, and continues to eat farmed salmon. Why is this important? Because there are hundreds of millions of dollars being spent to restore wild stocks, and the farmed salmon industry is buying it’s way forward, regardless of consumer demand, government concerns or scientific research that shows incredible threats to the wild stocks.

Watch her short overview, and help if you can, even if all of us only gave $10 a piece, we could get enough to help Ms. Morton move keep up the good work.

Alexandra Morton – What We Accomplished in 2013

Lab that found virus in B.C. salmon stripped of credentials after audit – Globe and Mail

For helping uncover the cover up of the BC net pen industry and government officials that are aiding them, this well respected lab has been closed down and it’s employees put out of work. Disgusting. A total white wash of some very well respected scientists.

A lab that revealed the first evidence of an infectious virus in British Columbia salmon has been stripped of its international credentials. The lab, run by Fred Kibenge of the Atlantic Veterinary College – University of Prince Edward Island, was one of a handful certified by the World Organization for Animal Health for its expertise in detecting the infectious salmon anemia virus.

Andrea Woo reports.

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