Salish Sea seagull populations halved since 1980s – CBC

Birds relying on the sea have, overall, been on decline over the last decades. More data supporting that shows up this week.  Many of these gulls from Victoria breed on Protection Island, which has been the breeding home of most of the Salish Sea gulls, according to information gathered by Eleanor Stopps and her work protecting it.

The number of seagulls in the Strait of Georgia is down by 50 per cent from the 1980s and University of British Columbia researchers say the decline reflects changes in the availability of food. Researchers collected 100 years of data on population numbers of Glaucous-winged Gulls, the most common seagull species found in the Lower Mainland, Victoria, Nanaimo and elsewhere in the region. They found that the population increased rapidly beginning in the early 1900s, but started to drop after the mid-1980s, with their work pointing to diet as one factor in the decline of the bird’s health. (Phys.Org) T

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