UW research: Western glaciers losing ice at an increasing rate, but less so in Washington state – KNKX

It is a sobering reminder that our water supply for Port Townsend, comes from snow pack in the Olympics, not wells. We seem to be slightly benefitting from the climate changes happening all around us, at least in the shoas it relates to water in snow pack.

It appears a pattern of heavy storms in the Pacific Northwest may have obscured the effects of climate change over the past 20 years. Researchers here have identified a southern shift in the jet stream as a source of heavy precipitation that built up snow pack and glacier mass in Washington and Oregon, while they were declining elsewhere. David Shean, an assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Washington, uses high-resolution satellite images to get precise measurements of glaciers and ice mass. For a recent study, Shean teamed up with colleagues at the University of Northern British Columbia to assemble thousands of satellite pictures of North America’s western glaciers. They mapped and modeled changes in the ice since 2000. Shean says they found a rapid increase in ice loss over the past 18 years overall, but less happening in the Pacific Northwest. Bellamy Pailthorp reports. (KNKX)

UW research: Western glaciers losing ice at an increasing rate, but less so in Washington state

Losing Paradise: Climate Change is Changing Mount Rainier- News Tribune of Tacoma

The News Tribune has done an outstanding job of looking at the various issues that climate change is having on Mt. Rainier Park. The loss of glaciers is something all of us should be very concerned about . Most of our water resources come from the snow packs and glaciers of the mountains around us. As we lose our snowpacks, because of rising temperatures and rising snow lines, we become more and more vulnerable to water shortages. These affect all the aninimals that have 10,000  years relying on a steady environment.  This article looks at rapidly receding glaciers, and how they damage the Park. The bad news is that with very little publicity, this has already been going on for some time now. Rob Carson reports. (News Tribune of Tacoma)


Climate Change Events Scheduled for OCT. 10-11

Olympic Climate Action is joining with Peninsula College and the Elwha Klallam Heritage Center to offer three free programs on climate change in October.

October 10
Jon Riedel (speaker) “Vanishing Ice: What Happens to the Olympic Peninsula Water Supply as Glaciers Retreat?”
12:30pm to 1:30pm, Peninsula College Little Theater (Studium Generale series)

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