Severely polluted hawk found near Vancouver BC

We have battled with the legislature for years to ban flame retardants in the environment. Representative Van De Wege has been a leader in this battle, thankfully. Here’s why we need to keep the pressure up. If it’s in hawks, it’s in us.

Hawk found near Langley transfer station among world’s most polluted

A male Cooper’s hawk found near Metro Vancouver’s Langley waste transfer station is polluted with more flame retardant than any other bird tested, globally. A study of the hawk’s liver fat showed 197,000 parts per billion of polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDEs, chemicals that persist in the environment and have been used in a wide array of polymer resins and plastics including in furniture, TVs, stereos, computers, carpets, and curtains. Larry Pynn reports. (Vancouver Sun)

House looking to pass a bill banning some flame retardants- Crosscut

Representative Kevin Van De Wege continues to attempt to get the ban on flame retardants through the legislature for a third year. Kevin has been the champion on this bill, which aims to get these cancer causing chemicals out of our home furniture (like your family couch and beds), along with getting them out of our waters. They have been found to be in Puget Sound and the fish we eat from it.

A bill to ban two flame retardants from children’s products and upholstered furniture is taking its third trip through the Washington Legislature. Rep. Kevin Van De Wege, D-Sequim, introduced the bipartisan bill, which went to a House Environment Committee public hearing Monday. John Stang reports. (Crosscut)