BP give Eyman initiative 1053 $65,000

well, well, well. If you like BP and Shell you’ll love Eyman’s latest initiative. Just say no to 1053. The hidden costs of 1053 are not being spelled out.

7/14/10 SeattlePI.Com
BP gives big bucks to Eyman initiative
By Joel Connelley
While burdened with Gulf of Mexico cleanup costs, the North American subsidiary of BP found $65,000 to pour into the campaign that put Tim Eyman’s Initiative 1053 onto Washington’s November ballot.

BP is the third big oil company to underwrite the campaign for I-1053, which would require a supermajority legislative vote to raise taxes. Tesoro and ConocoPhillips contributed $50,000 apiece earlier this spring.  Equilon, a refining and fueling joint venture of Shell Oil and Texaco, also gave $50,000.

BP wrote a $50,000 check directly to Eyman’s ballot committee on June 1, and followed up by donating $15,000 to a business-backed pro-I-1053 committee called Citizens for Responsible Spending.
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