Vanquishing Zombie Fishing Nets In Puget Sound – Earthfix

As a member of the Jefferson County Marine Resource Committee, we are part of the larger Northwest Straits Initiative that has been funding the work to remove derelict gear, including lost nets, from our Salish Sea. A good overview for those who don’t know the issue. A tiny portion of your tax dollars at work, and we could do a lot more if we had just a little more. Funding has been falling for these efforts in the last few years.

Doug Monk captains the 39-foot Bet Sea out into the waters of Puget Sound, just south of the Canadian border. He’s heading for a favorite fishing spot off Point Roberts, where a shallow shelf is lined with reefs and boulders. This is excellent habitat for migrating salmon and Dungeness crab. Monk has been a commercial diver on the Olympic Peninsula for some 20 years, harvesting shellfish and sea cucumbers, but for the past decade, he’s been after a different harvest: ghost nets.

Ashley Ahearn reports.

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